About us - Marmor
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About us

Marmor is a company well known for thirty years for the processing and transformation of marble and granite.

What makes it a real reference point is the rich heritage of knowledge and experience matured over time, combined with continuous investment in production processes and the most advanced technologies.

The ability to listen to the needs of the customer and the high degree of personalization offered allows us to achieve the complete satisfaction of the most demanding customers.

Cutting-edge technologies

Marmor’s production laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge machinery that is continuously updated, capable of performing complex and extremely precise machining.

The modern technologies introduced in the laboratories perfectly match the choice of continuous innovation which makes Marmor the perfect partner for any challenge.

Maximum customization

The technical experience and know-how acquired over the years allows Marmor to know how to listen and interpret customer needs by offering real advice on the feasibility of each project.

If deemed feasible Marmor will give you the right advice to make your project truly unique and exclusive, putting at your disposal the knowledge of thirty years experience that the company have.

From the Project to the Product

A good idea is certainly the basis of a successful project; In Marmor this concept is very clear, but it may not be enough.

That’s why it has an internal office that offers not only preliminary advice, but the possibility of developing totally the project, preserving the initial idea as much as possible.

In addition, directly in the company, you will be able to touch and choose the various types of raw material, whether it be marble, granite or natural stone.

A versatile approach

Marmor is a small company but with great ambitions and what makes it truly unique is its versatility.

There is no difference in importance whether it is a project for a single sample or a product to be produced in series. It is your project and we know how to respect it.

A winning approach that has led Marmor to become a reference in various sectors such as construction, interior design and funerary art.